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Kiddush Sponsorship West Parkland

Kiddush Sponsorship West Parkland

A Kiddush is a festive, informal catered buffet enjoyed at the conclusion of morning services on Shabbat and holidays. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrzheit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush.

Here is the list of upcoming Kiddush sponsors and sponsorship opportunities. You may fill in any upcoming date which is blank of your choosing.

Date Parshah Sponsored By In Honor Of
7-May-16 Acharei Steinfeld Family Jordan's Bar Mitzvah Anniversary
14-May-16 Kedoshim Berdugo Family Mother's Kaddish conclusion
21-May-16 Emor Roger Goldwyn
28-May-16 Behar Rosenberg Family Family
4-June-16 Bechukosai Communal Kiddush Chazak!
11-June-16 Bamidbar Sally Miller
12-June-16 Shavuot Day 1* Rosenberg Family
13-June-16 Shavuot Day 2* Glass Family
18-June-16 Naso Andrew Friedowitzer Wedding Anniversary
25-June-16 B'haalosecha Gutnick & Aronson Families Rabbi Gutnick's 40th and Fallon Aronson's 15th
2-July-16 Shelach Glass, Geller and Aronson Families Birthdays
9-July-16 Korach Biston & Gutnick Families Rebbe's Yaartzeit
16-July-16 Chukas Kiddush Fund
23-July-16 Balak Communal Kiddush Round 2!
30-July-16 Pinchas Mark Rosenthal Baby granddaughter
6-Aug-16 Matos Maasei Nesser Family Papa Baby naming
13-Aug-16 Davarim Braun Family Yaartzeit
20-Aug-16 Vaeschanan Serphos Family Simchas
27-Aug-16 Eikev Steinfeld Family Yaartzeits
3-Sept-16 Re-eh Glass Family Birthday
10-Sept-16 Shoftim Gutnick Family Ari's Bar Mitzvah
17-Sept-16 Ki Seizei Goldwyn Family Birthday
24-Sept-16 Ki Savo Communal Kiddush*

1-Oct-16 Netzavim Rosenberg Family Refuos VeYeshuos
8-Oct-16 Vayelech Aronson Family    
15-Oct-16 Haazinu Sally Miller Family

17-Oct-16 Sukkot Day 1 Berdugo Family Birthdays
18-Oct-16 Sukkot Day 2 Rosenberg Family Saige BM Anniversary
22-Oct-16 Shabbos Chol Hamoed Nesser Family Addison Birthday
14-Oct-16 Shmini Atzeres Glass Family

25-Oct-16 Simchat Torah Dr. Mark Rosenthal Family Natalie Birthday
29-Oct-16 Bereishis Geller Family Daniel BM Anniversary
5-Nov-16 Noach Sally Miller Family Birthday
12-Nov-16 Lech Lecha Goldwyn Family Yaartzeit
19-Nov-16 Vayera Leon Family Baby Naming
26-Nov-16 Chaya Sara Communal Kiddush*

3-Dec-16 Toldos Braun Family 90th Birthday
10-Dec-16 Vayetzei Aronson Family  
17-Dec-16 Vayishlach Ardity Family Daniel BM Anniversary
24-Dec-16 Vayeshev Rosenberg/Schulman Families Baby naming, Graduation
31-Dec-16 Miketz Goldwyn Family Roger BM
7-Jan-17 Vayigash Marx Family

14-Jan-17 Vayechi Serphos Family Birthday, Graduation  
21-Jan-17 Shemos Miller Family Sally's Birthday
28-Jan-17 Vaera Gutnick Family Family Guests  
4-Feb-17 Bo      Communal Kiddush

11-Feb-17 Beshalach Henslovitz Family Marc's Aunt's Passing
18-Feb-17 Yisro Goldwyn Family

25-Feb-17 Mishpatim Anonymous Donors Molly Steinfeld's Birthday
4-Mar-17 Teruma Dr Mark Rosenthal Family Father's Yaartzeit
11-Mar-17 Tetzaveh Rosenberg Family Ava's Parent's Yaartzeit
18-Mar-17 Ki Sisa Klein Family Anniversary and Adam's Birthday
25-Mar-17 Vayakhel-Pekudei Berdugo Family

1-April-17 Vayikra Aaronson Family Anniversary
8-April-17 Tzav Goldwyn Family

15-April-17 Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sally Miller Family

17-April-17 Passover Day 7 Joanie and Gary Mintz Caryn's Birthday
18-April-17 Passover Day 8 Schweitzer Family

22-April-17 Shemini Gutnick Family Ahuva's Birthday
29-April-17 Tazria Metzorah Alan Miller Family Granddaughter's Kiddush  


Acharei Kedoshim

Communal Kiddush





Sally Miller

 Alan's Birthday



Behar Bechukosai

Klein Family

 Arianna's Birthday




Rosenberg Family




Shavuot Day 1

Henslovitz Family




Shavuot Day 2

Goldwyn Family





Epstein Family

 Gil's Bar Mitzvah  
10 June 17 Beha'alotecha Frank Family Happy's Father's Yaartzeit  
17 June 17 Shelach Rothenberg Family Jordan's father's Yaartzeit
24 June 17 Korach  Steinfeld Family Jordan's Bar Mitzvah Haftorah 
1 July 17 Chukat Glass, Geller and Aaronson Families Birthdays
8 July 17 Balak * *
15 July 17 Pinchas Community Kiddush

22 July 17 Matot Maasei Caryn Nesser Family Parent's Birthdays
29 July 17 Devarim

5 Aug 17 Vaetchanan Miller Family   Sally's Mother's Yaartzeit
12 Aug 17 Ekev Kleinstein Family Gabby's Bat Mitzvah
19 Aug 17 Re-eh Serphos Family Birthdays  
26-Aug-17 Shoftim Steinfeld Family Jennifer's Yaartzeit
2-Sept-17 Ki Teitzei      



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Chabad of West Parkland offers unconditional acceptance for every Jew, regardless of background or level of observance. Our environment is open-door and non-judgmental, and our traditional services are conducted in a joyous, casual atmosphere.


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